About me

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Hi, I am Pinkesh Darji

Flutter Developer | Technical Writer | Google Certified Associate Android Developer

I love to solve problems using technology that improves user’s life on a major scale. Over the last several years, I have been developing and leading various mobile apps in different areas. More than just programming, I love to write technical articles. I have written many high-quality technical articles.

I have worked with various startups to build their dream app. I have been involved in product development since my early days and know insights into it. I have provided my valuable input while taking some crucial decisions of the app by brainstorming with a design, QA team.

I have been developing mobile apps and libraries using Google’s Flutter framework since its inception. I mentor junior Flutter developers and review their code. You will also find me talking on various Flutter topics in local meetups.




Flutter package:

Technical Articles


Why Flutter?

I see huge potential in the Flutter framework because of its vision to develop apps for almost all devices that have a screen with a single codebase.

Flutter specific expertise

● Dart
● BLoC & Provider pattern
● Creating architecture for the app
● Creating custom widgets
● Good hands-on Experience in creating custom animations
● Writing Test cases
● Publishing to Play Store and App Store
● Developing and publishing library
● Ability to make the best use of debugging/developer tools to find and fix bugs
● Writing Technical Articles on Medium.
● CI/CD using Codemagic

General mobile development expertise

● Google Maps API
● Real-time chat using firebase
● Speech recognition
● Git
● Payment Gateway integration
● SMS gateway integration
● In-app purchases
● Running Beta and staged releases for the app
● Automated test cases
● Image processing
● Local and remote data sync
● Developing complex designs


● Firebase
● Flutter Package Development
● SQLite
● Android Studio
● Google MAP Geocoding