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Flutter has got a large community with so many awesome people to help you. You search for anything and most likely you will find an open-source solution available on Github. But sometimes, when you clone the project, you may get a ‘Dart SDK is not configured’ error. This might happen because the project was certainly created in a different machine. So in this tutorial, we’ll see an easy and quick way to fix the error called Dart SDK is not Configured in Flutter which works in Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

How’s the Error Looks Like?

Here’s how the error looks like when you try to run the cloned project from Github.

dart sdk not configured error

Why Did you Get this Error?

This happened because you are trying to run a project which was not originally created in your machine. So probably the one who created the project might have a different Dart SDK path in his/her machine.

Steps to Fix Dart SDK is not Configured Error

To fix the Dart SDK is not Configured error, first of all, you must obtain the Flutter installation path and then figure out the dart SDK path. Then you can simply enable the Dart support for the project and let the Android Studio know about your Dart SDK path.

Here are the steps to fix the Error:

Step 1: Open the terminal (in Mac/Linux) or command prompt (Windows)

Step 2: Write which flutter. Copy the Flutter installation path.

Step 3: Open Android Studio,

  • For Windows/Linux: Go to File->Settings->Language & Framework->Dart.
  • For Mac: Click Android Studio on top -> Preferences -> Languages & Framework -> Dart.

Step 4: Checkmark the “Enable Dart support for the project…”

Step 5: In Dart SDK Path, enter the previously copied path and replace the flutter in the end with cache/dart-sdk. So it should look something like this /Users/pinkeshdarji/Data/Development/flutter/bin/cache/dart-sdk

Step 6: Click Apply.

Step 7: Click OK.

fixing dart sdk not configured error in flutter


In this tutorial, we learned how to fix the Dart SDK is not Configured error in Flutter with a practical example. We also learned the cause of this error so that next time we know how to fix it. The solution works in Windows, Linux, and Mac machines.

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